Seven Kingdoms: HD

October 5th, 2010 jlac1024 Posted in Seven Kingdoms 14 Comments »

Seven Kingdoms HD? 
Well let us know what you think by taking this poll:

Seven Kingdoms : HD Poll

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7KAA ported to SDL

July 20th, 2010 the3dfxdude Posted in Seven Kingdoms 12 Comments »

Hi there.  Work has been on-going on in the master (2.14-unstable) branch for the past few months.  The development revision has now reached a new milestone. Seven Kingdoms: AA now is able to compile for SDL on Linux x86 and Windows.  OpenAL support was written by unavowed.  Multiplayer was disabled until a total replacement is written.

This 2.14 branch and SDL port is considered BETA quality.  Users who want the best experience with 7KAA should use the 2.13 patch.  For those who like testing new things, or users who have problems with 2.13, you can obtain 2.14.0 at our sourceforge page.

To help with development see the task list.

Note: Updated post on 7/27 with 2.14.0 release info.

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Development Update

May 26th, 2010 the3dfxdude Posted in Seven Kingdoms 5 Comments »

As most of you that visit frequently know, we have released 7KAA patch version 2.13.2.  This version hopefully fixes the most annoying problems for Windows users.  If you haven’t already, go to the download site and get it!

There is an on-going development branch for a version series called 2.14.xx.  Thanks to many people that have contributed so far.  The current thing slated for the first release in the new series is the ability to port the game from DirectX to alternative APIs such as SDL.  There won’t be a stable release from 2.14 while this is all worked out. I will post a follow-up article asking for help in key areas in the future.

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Release of 2.13

December 8th, 2009 jlac1024 Posted in Seven Kingdoms 1 Comment »

We’ve reached our milestone for version 2.13 for Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries.  Nothing notable has changed in this version that requires download by clients, this was an internal version to work away from windows specific code and software.  We may still make this update available to windows users for download.

Please join our forums to keep up to date on this information!


Win32 Client Released

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Seven Kingdoms Wiki

October 7th, 2009 jlac1024 Posted in Seven Kingdoms, Site, Wiki Comments Off

You can access the Seven Kingdoms Wiki here.

Feel free to contribute to the wiki and help correct and improve it.  This is very much a community project and the more involved the better.

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Featured at

September 4th, 2009 jlac1024 Posted in Seven Kingdoms 4 Comments » put up news that 7kaa is coming back, you can read for yourself:

Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries Returns also now redirects here.

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Seven Kingdoms

August 31st, 2009 jlac1024 Posted in Seven Kingdoms Comments Off

Welcome to the Community run Seven Kingdoms project.

A few months ago Trevor Chan from Enlight Software released the source code for Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries.  He released it to us under this community project so that we can provide some long awaited bug fixes and address some other game-play issues.  This project is currently sponsored by Enlight and Trevor Chan.

Please stay posted for more information.

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