Seven Kingdoms Ancient Adversaries

Enter the world of intrigue and diplomacy, of trade, conquest, and espionage.

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Seven Kingdoms is a real-time game of epic strategy and empire building. Players compete against up to six AI opponents or other players for control of land, trade, and peasants. Take control of any of seven emerging civilizations: Chinese, Persians, Japanese, Greeks, Normans, Vikings, or Mayans. Begin with a single, modest village under your command, and an entire world to be conquered by force of arms, by guile and persuasion, or by whatever other means you choose.

Wage open warfare on your rivals, or forge alliances with them. Send spies to infiltrate their ranks, or hold your spies back to guard against your enemies' prying eyes. Mine ore and manufacture goods, then build markets and establish trade routes to bring gold flowing into your coffers. Have your scientists research new weapons of war, or turn from science to the mystic arts, and seek the ultimate power: the ability to summon the aid of the gods. All these choices and more are yours to make.

Designed by Trevor Chan, now freely available and maintained by the community.

The game is compatible with Windows, MacOS and Linux.

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Seven Kingdoms v2.15.6

Here it is! A release long in the making, which tackles issues with the AI, such as smarter management, continuing assaults, and actually going on sea based missions. Perhaps the AI will no longer be as easily tricked.

There has been some more quality of code improvements and testing to ensure stability. Thanks to all the testers the past few weeks. Now on to the next round of improvements. :)

Download here

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Finally, we are using sourceforge again to host our files and source repository. Everyone please switch to using the facilities there now. Make sure you have subscribed to either sourceforge or the website rss feeds.

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Posted on 2023-09-02


Development Update for v2.15.6

Hello! People have been asking, and there is a need to do some testing. In the previous release, we tried using the then latest SDL 2.0.22 version, and we saw some issues on Windows. We quickly backed to the previous version of SDL we used, and the problems went away. I think we do want to try to make sure we can support the latest SDL release. So this is the purpose of this development build.

Of course, there are alot of enhancements to the AI and other bugfixes. You can get a chance to test and preview what's coming here in our development build location:
Download here

In the past we provided development builds. As before, these builds are temporary, and cannot be played in multiplayer except with this exact version with others. So they will come and be removed as needed. But I do hope to share development builds whenever I can.

Please share your experience with the development build.

Finally, if you noticed above, we are using sourceforge again to host our files. I will encourage anyone to switch to using the collaboration facilities and git repository there, and our forums. We made our existing sourceforge page our primary site again in the previous release. With that, I am announcing that I will wind down the github page starting today as I do not plan to use it anymore.

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Posted on 2023-09-02


Seven Kingdoms v2.15.5

Hello everyone! It's time for a new release. We have new UI features, AI improvements, and bugfixes. One comment has been on how the AI is not challenging. You might want to check out the game and see how the AI is now. Also, desync issues may still lurk, and please report them if it happens with you.

See changes and comment in the forums

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Posted on 2022-04-28

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