Featured at Enlight.com

Enlight.com put up news that 7kaa is coming back, you can read for yourself:

Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries Returns

http://www.enlight.com/7k/ also now redirects here.

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4 Responses to “Featured at Enlight.com”

  1. I’m an old player of 7KAA but since long time i lost my copy :/ now that the source of game is open can anyone of you upload it again so we can play it please ??

  2. You’ll see on the side an order link, as of right now we’re not going to release a full copy, but we recommend all of our users to get a copy to help support us. The more people that buy copies the better this project will get. In the future we may allow direct downloads or digital content subscription from the website.

  3. I would love a graphics update but I’m pretty sure thats out of the question. Just new art for the buildings for example.

  4. Impossible play Ancient Adversaries over network, lagging…. Not going smooth.