7KAA ported to SDL

Hi there.  Work has been on-going on in the master (2.14-unstable) branch for the past few months.  The development revision has now reached a new milestone. Seven Kingdoms: AA now is able to compile for SDL on Linux x86 and Windows.  OpenAL support was written by unavowed.  Multiplayer was disabled until a total replacement is written.

This 2.14 branch and SDL port is considered BETA quality.  Users who want the best experience with 7KAA should use the 2.13 patch.  For those who like testing new things, or users who have problems with 2.13, you can obtain 2.14.0 at our sourceforge page.

To help with development see the task list.

Note: Updated post on 7/27 with 2.14.0 release info.

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12 Responses to “7KAA ported to SDL”

  1. Yeah! Now I can play 7k on my linux!

  2. But on the official website they says it requires windows! So, if I will buy 7K from them will I receive linux version?

  3. the3dfxdude Says:

    What official website? Enlight does not sell a linux version at this time. That is why.

  4. Keep up the good work guys, been playing 7K since i was a young lad!

    In reply to “buying” the game, he will mean gog.com (good old games), they only have the windows version…which you get for free from this website as it is open source anyway.

  5. ernierasta Says:

    I compiled 2.14.0 on Ubuntu 10.04 without problems. I went through learning section so far also no problems. Wonderful work guys! Thank you very much for making this great game native Linux! BTW, “Quit to Windows” is funny in this context.

  6. Also was able to compile 2.14.0 on Ubuntu without problem. I can launch the game, but I’m having resolution issues. The game runs full-screen, but the game is too tall for my wide-screen monitor. I can’t see the bottom portion of the screen. I’m guessing that’s where the Okay/advance buttons are.

  7. In vga_sdl.cpp I changed line 68 to remove the SDL_FULLSCREEN flag. 2.14.0 seems to be running in a window without any problems now. Great work on this version! Thanks!

  8. Alessandro T Says:

    I compiled the V. 2.14.0 un Ubuntu 10.04 without problems, but the game is affected by an annoying bug: the cursors jumps to the corner of the screen apparently randomly, with a frequency of 3-4 secs.
    (I was so glad it was running that I made two huge scenarios anyway!! )

  9. I really hope that you make it run on Mac OS X too :D
    (I think there aren’t many different compared to Linux).

    I tried to run the previous version with Wine HQ, but it crashed at start for a problem related to the resolution of the monitor. Later I’ll try to compile this new version, but I’m not very good, so I wish you can do a better compile guide (more user-like) ^^”

  10. Have you considered setting up a PPA for Ubuntu?

  11. Hi,

    I have a problem compiling this game on Ubuntu AMD64 10.04. After I installed all required packages to do ./configure.pl … and run ./build.pl … I end with:

    build.pl: couldn’t build ‘cpp’. Stopping.

    Do you know what to do? Thanks!!!

  12. the3dfxdude Says:

    Michal, make sure you have a gnu g++ installed.