Seven Kingdoms: HD

Seven Kingdoms HD? 
Well let us know what you think by taking this poll:

Seven Kingdoms : HD Poll

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14 Responses to “Seven Kingdoms: HD”

  1. If the graphics changed I will not play 7KAA again.

  2. I’d be very interested in a more polished version tho the game is enjoyable as it is

  3. Yes, but would prefer AI improvements to aesthetics

  4. If there was a Linux version Yes.

  5. Well, if it is a 7kAA with graphics like the 7K2 or better(and some of the gameplay of the 7K2 as well), I would definitely pay.

  6. 7k with better graphics or 2k2 with better graphics? I prefer 7k and when the graphic becomes better I also would pay for it!

  7. It would be the original Seven Kingdoms with better graphics.

  8. As Mohammad said – if 7k change graphic, I won`t play it. But I can pay for working linux version.

  9. As I already said on the forum, I’d love it if it was done well.

  10. i have the same opinion like walter.I would play it, but i would prefer if the gameplay is alike in sk2.

  11. The grafical-style that 7K hast is so important and if it will be changed too much i also wont play it.

  12. Hey, the poll doesn’t work ?!
    Maybe I would pay a small (!) amount of money. The graphics are not that important than good gameplay is.

  13. Awesome. I would totally buy it.
    Will there also be 7k2 HD?

  14. I Would definately pay!! Did try to vote but the submit button was greyed out! Just send me to the payment site and i’m all over it! =)