7KAA 2.14.2

A new development version of 7KAA is now available. This release adds multiplayer again with SDL_net as a replacement to DirectPlay. Lobby development should soon begin testing on this version. The major porting work is mostly complete–now we get to move onto new stuff.

This version supports win32 (patch file provided this time) and linux 32-bit & 64-bit. I have tested playing a network game across linux 32-bit and windows successfully. Playing against mixed 64-bit and 32-bit clients might not work on this release, but it’s definitely doable in a future release.

Thanks to those who have helped with this release — unavowed and Mayan.

Please test this all-round. Windows users should give this version a try. Any problems? Report away!


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14 Responses to “7KAA 2.14.2”

  1. Thanks a lot.
    I used this new release to update from 2.13.2 to 2.14.2. Now the game only runs in a window, not fullscreen anymore. Although it looks much better like this on a widescreen obviously, I find it difficult to play like this, plus the mouse will show erratic behaviour once it was used outside of this window.

    Any way to get it back to fullscreen?

  2. Use alt-enter after starting a game match to go back to full screen.

  3. So I’ve been trying to get this game going for my brothers and I. At first we kept getting the “One of you needs a 7K CD to play”, but we were at least able to get in the same lobby. After downloading this new patch, it says on every multiplayer option except for TCP/IP Network, “Cannot initialize DirectPlay”. The TCP/IP Network option is not working correclty for us, either. We’re all sitting next to each other in the same network. We all seem to have the same IP address as a result.

    Any clue as to what will help us get this going? We all love this game, but it would be ten times more fun if we could play with each other, but we keep running into complications. This looks great so far, so thank you in any case for the help.

  4. On the computer of the player hosting a game find the ip address:

    Press Winkey+R
    Type cmd and hit enter.
    In the black box, type “ipconfig /all” and hit enter.
    Find the ip address.

    In a shell, type “/sbin/ifconfig”
    Find the ip address.

    On the other machines, enter the address found.

    The network code was rewritten to not use DirectPlay. Currently, there is not a way to “see” games. but you can connect if you know the address.

    Let me know if you have more questions.

  5. huibuh213374u Says:

    Hi there,

    i installed the most recent version via yaourt (archlinux) and after starting the singleplayer and pressing alt+enter the following error occured:

    ~ $ /usr/bin/7kaa: line 3: 6730 Segmentation fault ./7kaa

    Is this a known error?

    Regards, huibuh213374u

  6. huibuh213374u, this might be a known error. Please be patient, and if possible try the git repo because this might be fixed there.

  7. BTW, for anyone else having the same problem as me, the3dfxdude pretty much solved it — the “what is my IP address” lookup via google that I thought was right wasn’t the right IP address (I think this only points to my router via outside traffic), while the “ipconfig” command shows the internal network address, which is what is needed to connect when in the same network. THANK YOU!

  8. I tried to use it on a windows 7, it didn’t work.
    I have all of the files in one folder, but i don’t know what to do

  9. suny352,
    Sorry, I don’t know why it doesn’t work.

  10. Im use alt-enter after starting a game,but full screen not worked , help

  11. IGR, in order to go full screen, your computer must support 800×600 8bpp. Some video drivers do not support that anymore.

  12. Looking forward to 7K2 being ported to SDL :D

  13. Hi there. Good job so far. A couple of suggestions: option to move around the map with the arrow keys (as in most other RTS games); better handling for getting out of fullscreen or tabbing out, such as making sure the game doesn’t trap the mouse cursor; simulated fullscreen with a higher resolution and color depth (upscale?)

  14. Sorry, forgot to mention: Tested on Windows 7 pro (64bit).