7KAA 2.14.3

This version is to try to resolve some crashing issues, and changes the build system to use autoconf. There is also speed boost for Linux users, and other small fixes. Thanks to those who have helped with this release.


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4 Responses to “7KAA 2.14.3”

  1. Alt Enter works. But in my opinion it’ s important that the standart is fullscreen. If you don’t think so: The Close button/[X] doesn’t work, too.

  2. the3dfxdude Says:

    Blub, yes, we want to do those things. The problem of full screen and the “quit” (the X button and alt-f4) is that it has to work consistently everywhere. The gui code to do those simple things is not implemented the same way each time. So some one has to clean it up

  3. RepOfThree Says:

    A nice release, looks like you fixed the mouse issues when first starting it when it wasn’t maximized.

  4. Hello,

    I have a question about this new version, when i go to multiplayer and click the join buttom it says enter the game’s adress localhost [file::fileopen] error opening file: music/war.wav what does did means? Excuse when the words are not correct, Mine English is not so good anyway Im dutch