7KAA ported to SDL

Posted on July 20, 2010 by the3dfxdude

Hi there. Work has been on-going on in the master (2.14-unstable) branch for the past few months. The development revision has now reached a new milestone. Seven Kingdoms: AA now is able to compile for SDL on Linux x86 and Windows. OpenAL support was written by unavowed. Multiplayer was disabled until a total replacement is written.

This 2.14 branch and SDL port is considered BETA quality. Users who want the best experience with 7KAA should use the 2.13 patch. For those who like testing new things, or users who have problems with 2.13, you can download 2.14.0.

To help with development see the wiki page TaskList214 (obsolete link).

Note: Updated post on 7/27 with 2.14.0 release info.