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Welcome to the Seven Kingdoms Wiki.

Seven Kingdoms is a series of "fantasy real-time strategy" computer games (Enlight Software Ltd.). There are four games in the series:

  1. Seven Kingdoms which was released in 1997 (Enlight Software Ltd.).
  2. Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries which was released in 1998 (Enlight Software Ltd.).
  3. Seven Kingdoms II: The Fryhtan Wars which was released in 1999 (Enlight Software Ltd.).
  4. Seven Kingdoms: Conquest which was released in 2008 (IGN 2008).

Furthermore, Enlight Software released the source code and data for Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries under the GPLv2 in 2009 (jlac1024 2009). This includes the game source code, graphics, sounds, but not the music. Seven Kingdoms 2 was released under the GPL in 2009 as well (jlac1024 2009). This does not include all original source code the game used, and does not include graphics, sounds, or the music. This means Seven Kingdoms 2 as an open source project must be used with a commercial release to be playable. There was a release of Seven Kingdoms II: The Fryhtan Wars HD which incorporates “HD support” among others in 2015 (Steam). It is not open source, and may be incompatible with the open source version. See copyright information.

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Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries

Seven Kingdoms 2

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