Building From Source


This page contains a step-by-step guide to build Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries from the source code. We use the GNU autotools and can support most platforms easily, provided you can full-fill the dependencies listed below and follow all steps. There won't be any distro specifics listed here. You can also view an older guide here for some out-dated Ubuntu-specifics.

See the System Requirements for running.

See 'Download 7KAA' for obtaining the source tar file to the game.



  • make
  • GCC 4.6 or other C++11 compatible compiler

Required libraries

  • SDL 2.0.8
  • enet 1.3.xx
  • OpenAL-soft

Optional libraries

  • libcurl for full 7kfans multiplayer integration
  • gettext 0.19 for translation support

Building the game

Run the configure script:

$ ./configure

If you don't have configure, this means you pulled the game down directly from the source repository. Generate configure using the shell script If you don't understand how to do this, then please download a release tar file.

Compile the source using:

$ make

Install the game using:

# make install

Run the game using:

$ 7kaa


Running the game locally

To run the game without running make install, you need to point to the game data folder. The game data folder is set by the environment variable SKDATA. In a bash shell, this can be accomplished by

$ SKDATA=data ./src/7kaa 

How to Install the Music

First, download the music.

To install the game music, copy the entire music directory containing the .WAV files, into the local data/ folder or if creating a distro package, copy to the defined PACKAGE_DATA_DIR. To copy into the 7kaa build directory, run the following:

$ bzip2 -cd 7kaa-music-2.15.tar.bz2 | tar xvf -
$ mv 7kaa-music/MUSIC data/MUSIC

See also

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