Seven Kingdoms v2.15.6

Here it is! A release long in the making, which tackles issues with the AI, such as smarter management, continuing assaults, and actually going on sea based missions. Perhaps the AI will no longer be as easily tricked.

There has been some more quality of code improvements and testing to ensure stability. Thanks to all the testers the past few weeks. Now on to the next round of improvements. :)

Download here

Discuss the new release

Finally, we are using sourceforge again to host our files and source repository. Everyone please switch to using the facilities there now. Make sure you have subscribed to either sourceforge or the website rss feeds.

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Posted on 2023-09-02


Development Update for v2.15.6

Hello! People have been asking, and there is a need to do some testing. In the previous release, we tried using the then latest SDL 2.0.22 version, and we saw some issues on Windows. We quickly backed to the previous version of SDL we used, and the problems went away. I think we do want to try to make sure we can support the latest SDL release. So this is the purpose of this development build.

Of course, there are alot of enhancements to the AI and other bugfixes. You can get a chance to test and preview what's coming here in our development build location:
Download here

In the past we provided development builds. As before, these builds are temporary, and cannot be played in multiplayer except with this exact version with others. So they will come and be removed as needed. But I do hope to share development builds whenever I can.

Please share your experience with the development build.

Finally, if you noticed above, we are using sourceforge again to host our files. I will encourage anyone to switch to using the collaboration facilities and git repository there, and our forums. We made our existing sourceforge page our primary site again in the previous release. With that, I am announcing that I will wind down the github page starting today as I do not plan to use it anymore.

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Posted on 2023-09-02


Seven Kingdoms v2.15.5

Hello everyone! It's time for a new release. We have new UI features, AI improvements, and bugfixes. One comment has been on how the AI is not challenging. You might want to check out the game and see how the AI is now. Also, desync issues may still lurk, and please report them if it happens with you.

See changes and comment in the forums

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Posted on 2022-04-28


Website change coming

We are working on a new content management system for the website, which will replace Wordpress and the Wiki. If you have been following the Wordpress and MediaWiki RSS feed from this site, the new RSS feed url is:

Please update your reader by January 30th, because after that point, the old Wordpress feed will not be available.

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Posted on 2022-01-20


Seven Kingdoms v2.15.4

Time for a new release! This fixes the issue with a freeze after playing long multiplayer games. If you had turned off CRC checking, please turn it back on. Other than that, multiplayer has been very smooth. This means we can start playing some bigger matches — I want to see them.

The other thing fixed that put defenders at a major disadvantage was concerning the game not properly assigning the leader to the defending troop. Now soldiers can defend and get an attack bonus with their leader safe in the fort also keeping peace over the population. Maybe this will balance out the game better? We’ll see.

Also, check out the trade report. The other thing we’d like to see is people paying attention to their markets. You can now find that caravan running between empty markets, or see the most productive markets, or set trade routes without moving around the map looking for something.

See changes and comment in the forums

Posted on 2020-07-04


Seven Kingdoms v2.15.3

The v2.15.3 release fixes bugs, improves synchronization in multiplayer, has UI fixes, and adds several advanced config options.

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Summary of changes from 2.15.2 to 2.15.3

  • Fixed corrupt characters and fields in various in game messages.
  • Improved translation support.
  • Updated translations.
  • Added some UI improvements.
  • Fixed some crashing issues related to spies.
  • Standardized on FPU code generation for better cross-platform compatibility.
  • Added more advanced config options.
  • Added more advanced config options.
  • Improved manual.
  • Added key binding support.
  • Prevented chat keystrokes registering as a hotkey too.
  • Fixed sometimes hiring wrong unit in the inn.
  • Added scenario advanced config presets to restore default scenario game play to original game design parameters.
  • Ensure screen redraw when dropping spy identity.
  • Improved alternate font set.
  • Added scroll button for long tutor messages.
  • Removed gong sound for unsent AI diplomatic messages.
  • Re-enabled AI ability to request direct military aid; expect allied AI to work together on defending now.
  • Removed uninitialized parameter in Caravan CRC check.
  • Removed improper variable-size cast, causing incorrect action processing on 64-bit platforms.
  • Correct replay initialization for weather sync.
Posted on 2019-12-22


Ten Year Anniversary

With the holiday here in the US, I had a much needed break from my daily job (the one that pays the bills), that I took the opportunity to get out for a change. I made it half way through the weekend, when I remember this past weekend was also the 10th year since this project website was created.

It’s been a pleasure with working with all of you to make this community more vibrant and active. Let’s see what’s in store in the not to far away future.

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Posted on 2019-09-03


Seven Kingdoms v2.15.2

The v2.15.2 release fixes many crashes, and continued improvements to the UI.

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Summary of changes from 2.15.1 to 2.15.2

  • Fixed queue buttons in the Harbor and War Factory, and in the tutor dialog for the non-blocking button code.
  • Fixed AI crash when trying to use a skilled unit that has been deleted.
  • Added German, Portuguese, and Spanish translations.
  • Correct mobilizing other nations spies in firms under your control.
  • Fixed AI crash when fort being used to attack has been deleted.
  • Fixed crashes on bullets hitting targets due to not being attributed correctly.
  • Fixed crash when a seat of power is destroyed at the same time the greater being casts magic.
  • Fixed AI use of uninitialized memory when defending a general or king, which can cause a desync.
  • Added mouse wheel support for map scrolling on touchpads. (sraboy)
  • Added scenario completion tracking. (sraboy)
  • Fixed crash in automated attack helping where one unit selects a target, the target unit enters a building (or deleted), and the local team then tries to assist, but the target unit is no longer on the map.
  • Added advanced config file support. This will allow changing more aspects of the game without recompile.
  • Enabled sync checking in replay mode.
Posted on 2019-06-22


Seven Kingdoms v2.15.1

Here is a release to help address currently known desync and platform issues. This hopefully will improve stability some. But this is only a start. Likely other big issues remain.

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Summary of changes from 2.15.0 to 2.15.1

  • Fixed desync on mobilizing workers.
  • Fixed desync on troop sortie, by making troop sorting deterministic.
  • Fixed desync on AI attack planning, by making AI fort sorting deterministic.
  • Fixed error that caused multiplayer save files appear out of sync.
  • Changed the Button class to not block on holding down the mouse button, smoothing multiplayer games when alot of clicking may be happening.
  • Prevent mobilizing foreign workers from your Firms, however they may be fired back to their home town.
  • Only enable mobilize worker button when the firm is staffed with non-foreign workers.
  • Prefer IPv4 addressing for match-making.
  • Fixed ambiguity in some translations.
  • Repack structures for Crc checking due to pointer sizing.
  • Improved cross-compilation and platform support.
  • Uppercased the data and user files, as they are supported in the code, maintaining consistency and without needing to guess case.
  • Fixed missing Fryhtan encyclopedia picture on some systems.
  • Fixed observation mode visibility when playing a replay.
  • Added support for center and right paragraph justification.
  • Packagers please note that the music files must be in upper-case now, see the latest download for the music.
Posted on 2018-12-28


Seven Kingdoms v2.15.0

We've accomplished much of what we hoped for in the 2.14 series, with SDL2, multiplayer match-making, translation support, and now it's time to move to version 2.15. Everyone should get the latest version and try it out.

Windows 10 users that were using the pre-release build to address a Windows bug, should move to the current release.

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Summary of changes from 2.14.7 to 2.15.0

  • Enabled multiplayer sync checking by default
  • Added experimental multiplayer game recording and replay (use 'r' at main menu screen after playing a match)
  • Enhanced localization support
  • Enabled translation support on Windows
  • Properly support system locales including UTF-8 codesets
  • Added Russian fonts
  • Added Russian translation
  • Improved 64-bit platform support
  • Upgraded to SDL 2.0.8 to work around Windows 10 1709 bug
  • Improved mouse control and full-screen interaction
  • Fixed obscure crashing bug with the Caravan interface
  • Added game manual

Thanks to all who made this release possible.

Posted on 2018-09-17


7KAA 2.14.7

With this release, we have worked at improving usability of the 7K multiplayer service at We have added NAT punch-through support when using, which will make online play easier and more reliable. Everyone should upgrade when they want to go online next time.

There have been game balancing changes and fixes, which will make the game more challenging. The Fryhtans can attack more often. Spies are more stealthy. The greater being mana exploit has been fixed. It may be harder to brutally capture towns. As with these kinds of changes, your feedback of testing the gameplay. We hope this has been an improvement.

This said, the game might not be trouble free. Desync issues likely lurk still. Your help in tracking down problems will be much appreciated.


f044d7bd57e636b8b9ac33b728581a43 7kaa-2.14.7.tar.xz
6573ebb2a6689a83a52c86358a920316 7kaa-install-win32-2.14.7.exe

Comment more on this release in the forums.

Posted on 2017-06-04


7KAA 2.14.6

Another great release here, this time adding back in lobby support similar to what was in the original game. With the in-game service feature, you can use your forum name in-game, while being logged in to the forum with your web browser, and this will give you access to the assisted match-making features.

This 2.14.xx series is now considered a stable branch of the tree for all users of the game. So everyone should start using this version, and move off the 2.13 version of the game. Besides, there are great additions to game thanks to everyone contributions in the community. This said, the game might not be trouble free, and there are likely cross-platform issues that will continue to be ironed out. Please give your reports and lets fix them!

Summary of changes in this release

  • Added support for match-making.
  • Added LAN game browsing support.
  • Added Mobilize Worker button on firms. (sraboy/Microvirus)
  • Improvements to mouse acceleration.
  • Fixes to mouse movement in fullscreen mode.
  • Fixed a bug with 64-bit multiplayer matches.
  • Begun translation work. (toaster)
  • Fix character encoding with accented characters. (MicroVirus)
  • Bugfixes...

Thanks to all who made this release possible.

Download 7kaa
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Posted on 2016-09-04


7KAA 2.14.5

The latest version of 7KAA is now available. This version is long in the making, but perhaps has the most extensive set of improvements yet. The enet based network code supports up to 7 players, and direct connection via UDP, bringing it on par with the legacy DPlay code in 2.13.2. Those with widescreens may appreciate the higher resolution screen stretching that comes with SDL2. Those building from source please note the dependency changes.

Summary of changes in this release

  • Switched to using SDL2.
  • Gained support for full-screen stretching.
  • Gained support for MacOS.
  • Switched to using enet, replacing SDL_net.
  • Audio code improvements.
  • The multiplayer connection code has stablized.
  • New game hotkeys.
  • Migrate population across extended town networks.
  • Added ability to migrate 10 people at a time across between towns.
  • Gettext translation support.
  • Several bug fixes.

Thanks to all who have contributed to this release.

Edit 5/25: A new Windows installer is available that is not built with gettext. md5sum 38ee8b37558d9a111b9f1a1309a8ac2b 7kaa-install-win32-2.14.5.exe 1a626a2bf92f4ad394558a903f519594 7kaa-2.14.5.tar.bz2 83152b21973c1b3df8de525bda434be4 7kaa-2.14.5.tar.xz

Go to the downloads, or comment in the forums.

Posted on 2015-05-19


Seven Kingdoms 2 HD

Recently I've heard the news that Enlight is preparing for a steam release of an updated Seven Kingdoms 2 HD. I am glad to see that they are moving to a successful reboot of the game. It does seem that an HD update will be popular with the fans and attract new players.

Seven Kingdoms 2 HD website
Steam website

What about Seven Kingdoms 2 OSS project? Do they use the same code? No, the two games are different code bases, as SK2-HD only supports Windows/DirectX, and SK2-OSS uses SDL2 and supports additional platforms. Also bear in mind SK2-OSS as of yet is not feature complete and is not the complete game as the game content can only be obtained from the commercial release. SK2-OSS will continue to be a available patch to the commercial release for those who want to go down this path.

We hope to remain compatible with 7K2HD and hope the synergy with a successful re-release of 7K2HD on steam will be both beneficial for Enlight and the community.

What about Seven Kingdoms HD? There was some discussion of the possibility of a Seven Kingdoms HD a while ago now. Ultimately it did not happen due to lack of interest, technical concerns, or if we were going to be responsible for this version, we lacked time as volunteers. Today it is not really needed as 7KAA-OSS is mostly feature complete and going strong. I think a 7KHD would have needed a complete graphics over-haul to make it look nice in HD format today, but that is something we already have with 7K2. So it makes more sense for the 7K2 reboot as it has all the features everyone was asking for already, and has stronger interest, indeed as Enlight is commercially supporting it. So 7KAA remains a complete, successful OSS release, which I think it is very suited for.

As always, it will be nice to see where Enlight takes the Seven Kingdoms series next. Also, the fan-site is 5 years old now and still active. Let's continue to go strong.

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Posted on 2015-01-02


7KAA 2.14.4

Development is still on-going, and I thought we should cut a release to get a version to people that have been waiting for some bug-fixes. Also we now have an installer for Windows users.

The new multiplayer lobby code is not completed, so expect trouble if you use that.

Let us know if this works or doesn't work for you. All feedback is very much appreciated.

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Posted on 2012-12-24


7kfans Site Maintenace

The site will be going down for some maintenance in the near future. The disruption will be minimal, with the DNS records changing.

Update 1/15: Posting is temporarily disabled. DNS updated.

Update 1/15 #2: Everything is back in order.

Other changes may occur later, but they will likely not be the issue of any site disruption.

Posted on 2012-01-11


7KAA Music Now Available

Thanks to Bjorn Lynne's generous offer, we worked out the details, and now have the music freely available for use with the game again. I hope all of you can support him in his latest work where possible.

And those who have asked in the past, and got turned down, thank you for your patience. We really wanted to work this out properly, that is why we always had tough responses.

Please note that the music is NOT GPL or public domain. The music may not be modified or re-recorded. It can only be used as intended with the game.

Here you may download the music, that can then be applied to your GPL version of the game. In the future, we will offer complete downloadable packages. Note that some linux distributions might choose not to include the music, so you may still get the music here if that is the case.

Note: The music comes in the installers we provide now. If you have a linux distro that does not provide it, instructions will be made available on how to add the music.

Download 7KAA

Posted on 2011-12-04


7KAA 2.14.2

The release of version 2.14.2 is to try to resolve some crashing issues, and changes the build system to use autoconf. There is also speed boost for Linux users, and other small fixes. Thanks to those who have helped with this release.

Posted on 2011-01-06


7KAA 2.14.1

A new development version of 7KAA is now available. This release adds multiplayer again with SDL_net as a replacement to DirectPlay. Lobby development should soon begin testing on this version. The major porting work is mostly complete--now we get to move onto new stuff.

This version supports win32 (patch file provided this time) and linux 32-bit & 64-bit. I have tested playing a network game across linux 32-bit and windows successfully. Playing against mixed 64-bit and 32-bit clients might not work on this release, but it's definitely doable in a future release.

Thanks to those who have helped with this release -- unavowed and Mayan.

Please test this all-round. Windows users should give this version a try. Any problems? Report away!

Posted on 2010-10-24


7KAA 2.14.1

Version 2.14.1 has now been released. This version adds support for x86_64 on Linux, so this is primarily intended for Linux users.

No binaries are provided currently, but this will be updated if this changes.

Posted on 2010-10-24


Seven Kingdoms HD?

Well let us know what you think by taking this poll:

Seven Kingdoms : HD Poll

Posted on 2010-10-05


Seven Kingdoms 2 Repository Created

I would like to announce the start of Seven Kingdoms 2 project at 7kfans. The repository has been created with the last version of the game. This code will likely only compile with Visual Studio 6. Soon the game code will be cleaned up for later compilers, going through a similar build process as 7KAA. The game code for 7K2 is under the GPL, however the game data is not.

Thanks to jlac1024 for arranging the project, licensing, and locating the code. Also thanks to Enlight for making this project possible.

Update: The initial 7K2 GPL source release will not compile for any system because the original FLC library cannot be included. The library will have to be replaced.

Posted on 2010-05-26


7KAA ported to SDL

Hi there. Work has been on-going on in the master (2.14-unstable) branch for the past few months. The development revision has now reached a new milestone. Seven Kingdoms: AA now is able to compile for SDL on Linux x86 and Windows. OpenAL support was written by unavowed. Multiplayer was disabled until a total replacement is written.

This 2.14 branch and SDL port is considered BETA quality. Users who want the best experience with 7KAA should use the 2.13 patch. For those who like testing new things, or users who have problems with 2.13, you can download 2.14.0.

To help with development see the wiki page TaskList214 (obsolete link).

Note: Updated post on 7/27 with 2.14.0 release info.

Posted on 2010-07-20


Development Update

As most of you that visit frequently know, we have released 7KAA patch version 2.13.2. This version hopefully fixes the most annoying problems for Windows users. If you haven't already, go to the download site and get it!

There is an on-going development branch for a version series called 2.14.xx. Thanks to many people that have contributed so far. The current thing slated for the first release in the new series is the ability to port the game from DirectX to alternative APIs such as SDL. There won't be a stable release from 2.14 while this is all worked out. I will post a follow-up article asking for help in key areas in the future.

Posted on 2010-05-26


Release of 2.13

We've reached our milestone for version 2.13 for Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries. Nothing notable has changed in this version that requires download by clients, this was an internal version to work away from windows specific code and software. We may still make this update available to windows users for download.

Please join our forums to keep up to date on this information!

See Win32 Client Released

Posted on 2009-12-08


Seven Kingdoms Wiki

You can access the Seven Kingdoms Wiki here. [Link updated 2022-12-17]

Feel free to contribute to the wiki and help correct and improve it. This is very much a community project and the more involved the better.

Posted on 2009-10-07



The website will be unavailable tonight at roughly 6 PM PST (GMT-8) due to server updates and maintenance. The servers should be down only approximately 15-30 minutes.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Posted on 2009-09-15


Additional downtime

The server is back up after having been re-imaged after a faulty module install. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Posted on 2009-09-10


Seven Kingdoms II: The Fryhtan Wars

Trevor Chan has agreed to let our project take control of the 7k2 source code.

If you're interested in developing on Seven Kingdoms II go ahead and browse the forums and let us know in the thread there. We're planning on using the same core from 7kaa to make 7k2 portable as well.

Posted on 2009-09-10


Small downtime

It appears we had a small downtime overnight, I apologize and everything is back up and running.

Posted on 2009-09-02


Seven Kingdoms

A few months ago Trevor Chan from Enlight Software released the source code for Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries. He released it to us under this community project so that we can provide some long awaited bug fixes and address some other game-play issues. This project is currently sponsored by Enlight and Trevor Chan.

Please stay posted for more information.

Posted on 2009-08-31